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Photography © Natalia Odescalchi.


West Sussex Country Garden

Country Gardens

Country gardens often form part of the wider landscape. We study the character of this landscape to design spaces which 'fit'. Often the garden or landscape may be developed over a number of years.

Kingston Town Garden

Urban Gardens

Where space is limited our design process focuses on making the most of what is available. Front gardens, courtyards and larger town gardens; we can solve the challenges involved in urban environments.

School Playground

Shared Spaces

If your project is part of a school, hotel, business or publicly accessible space, we can design stylish, functional and stimulating communal areas for multiple uses.

Chelsea Flower Show 2019


Awarded a Gold Medal and Best in Category in 2019; Joe has had many years of experience designing and working with some of the UK's leading designers and plants-people at the Chelsea Flower Show and other RHS shows. 

RHS Gold Medal and Best in Category


The garden used the idea of connectivity represented through a stylised coastal garden to celebrate the ability we have to connect with people and common-interest groups across the world, both to share knowledge and experience and to use this interaction to make positive changes in our communities and the wider world. Inspired by the Basque coastline in Northern Spain, the garden featured dramatic rock formations, a timber deck made from reclaimed marine timber, a copper wave-form canopy, wave-making water feature, furniture made from recycled yacht sails and coastal plant species from around the world representing the global communities on Facebook. The garden was sponsored by Facebook and was awarded an RHS Gold Medal, Best in Category and Best Construction. A rare achievement which reflects the great team effort and of which the whole team are justifiably proud.

Built by The Outdoor Room


Cool blues, pinks and greys announce spring and early summer


As part of the ongoing development of the estate, we were asked to restructure the gardens surrounding a listed country house using sympathetic materials and planting styles. The objective was to provide a more intimate setting to the immediate area for entertaining whilst still allowing and encouraging the views out to the wider landscape. The planting has been designed for successional flower colour, moving out away from the house as the seasons progress.

Built by The Outdoor Room


A contemporary design with lush planting for a town garden


This is an adult garden, with emphasis on clean horizontal and vertical lines. The previous swimming pool was a kidney shaped design and sat awkwardly in the space. The new scheme incorporates a new 3.5 metre wide lap pool, with contemporary and bespoke-designed gazebo over a sunken hot tub area. There is also an outdoor kitchen/barbeque and specially designed screens which provide continuity and texture to the boundaries. Key materials are timber, in the form of western red cedar, and indigenous Purbeck limestone. Key structural planting is provided by multi-stemmed Persian Ironwood trees (Parrotia Persica).

Built by The Outdoor Room


An outdoor classroom and a playground for reception-age children


The brief from the school was to provide a flexible and stimulating learning space that could not only accommodate music, play and other sensory learning activities but could also help children to participate in and learn about the importance of plants, their uses and how to grow them.

The design features a sinuous path from which extend several areas intended for music, storytelling, construction play and other activities, all surfaced in wet-pour rubber in shades of green to harmonize with the natural environment. A long fence made up of huge coloured pencils, all set at different angles as if tumbling from a pencil case, is used to separate the garden from the adjacent playground. The whole garden is surrounded by planting and several areas extend right into the space to encourage close interaction with the plants. Species, especially herbs, have been chosen for their use as well as for their sensory qualities; be it taste, scent or sound. Many of the plants have also been selected for their attractiveness to wildlife and there is also a woodland area where children can learn about insects and their role in the ecosystem around them.

By designing a creative and dynamic space that encourages interaction with and learning about horticulture, wildlife and the wider landscape from a young age, we can encourage school children to become engaged with and appreciate the value of gardens and public spaces in a more intimate and confident manner.

Built by The Outdoor Room


The Courtyard Garden at the new Ascot Spring Show 2018


Courtyards, traditionally associated with places of refuge and with meeting places, are flexible spaces which can be incorporated into most gardens regardless of whether they are in town or in the countryside. The garden is imagined as an outdoor dining room, highlighting the great benefit of gardens not only for providing seclusion but also as social spaces for meeting, sharing experiences, eating and drinking. 

Enclosed on two sides by high yew hedges, Jura Beige limestone forms the wide steps into the courtyard and the main paved area. At one end, a simple copper water bowl is flanked by two small trees, whilst at the other a semi-permeable screen is formed by three Amelanchier lamarkii. Sections of porcelain-clad walls are positioned within the boundary to provide a clean backdrop to the water bowl and to catch the shadows of the multi-stemmed Amelanchiers.

The planting is a simple palette of whites, purples, blues and lime green, and includes euphorbia, erysimum and spring flowering bulbs.

Built by The Outdoor Room


5 Star Award for a multi-sensory exhibit


The stand itself featured exotic and hardy plants from around the world which added beautiful texture as well as helped lead visitors around the exhibit. Key themes for both the external plantings and those within the greenhouses and glasshouses was a love and passion for plants and visitors’ sensory experience - especially as they visit each unique greenhouse. The stand was in a prominent location next to the Great Pavilion and show gardens on Main Avenue which, along with the ambitious plant displays designed in collaboration with Amanda Miller, helped to attract visitors.

Built by The Outdoor Room


Bringing the outside in


The brief for this garden was to be family friendly, with no level changes in order to allow wheelchair access to all areas. The architecture is strikingly contemporary and open plan, and the exterior space has been designed and executed along similar lines.

Built by The Outdoor Room


Challenging level changes


With an overall level change of around 8 metres between the road and front door of the new Huf Haus, access was of primary concern with this scheme. The design focuses on getting from the garage to the new house as efficiently as possible, whilst still making the journey an interesting one. The garden has been conceived as a ‘picture’, to be seen from the house. 


The garden is strikingly modern with simplicity of materials and year round structure provided by the planting. Granite and cor-ten steel are used to form the steps, walls and water features. 



First impressions count


The approach to the house was not fulfilling its potential, with the layout directing the view towards the north facade of the house, rather than the front door. The sweep of the driveway has been altered and now provides parking to the side, with a more formal arrangement of gravel and planting outside the house frontage giving a sense of arrival. A large pond forms part of the proposals, with access over and around to a garden office. The use of water and key tree planting directs the views from the house out over the wider landscape. Perennial and shrub planting around the pond provides interest and structure throughout the year, whilst the lawn has been reduced by introducing areas of wildflower, also helping the garden to harmonise with its surroundings.



Complete refurbishment


A complete redesign for a large town garden following an extensive refurbishment of the house.