Shenzhen Flower Show 2023

Show Gardens
In December 2022 we were approached to design one of the seven ‘city gardens’ for the 2023 Shenzhen Flower Show. The garden explores the remarkable mangrove habitats, the regeneration and preservation of which Shenzhen has been recently recognised as an international centre.
These habitats help to mitigate against erosion, sea level rise and extreme weather events. They also play a critical role as a nursery for young fish and marine animals. As a technology centre, the city of Shenzhen is equally famed for offering opportunities to its young population. The banks of the central river contain weaving ‘mangrove’ sculptures, whilst a mangrove-inspired pavilion structure provides a focal point.

Technology is reflected by pulsing LED lighting both along the sculptures and within the spherical ‘foliage’ above the structure. Recognising that nature and ecology also need separation from the human environment, the garden is designed to be viewed from either end, rather than walked through.

The garden won the award for Horticultural Excellence.