Multi-Level City Garden

In progress | Residential
An ambitious, modern new build house

An ambitious, modern new build house on a tricky plot sandwiched between two rows of period housing, on the site of former garages, this project called for some creative thinking since the garden areas are all disconnected from each other, only accessible from within the house.

The design for the house was very simple – brick and glass – and was intimately connected to the various garden spaces by large glass windows and sliding doors.

The garden design includes four distinct areas – 3 courtyards on 2 different levels and a more naturalistic orchard and wildflower garden as a total contrast and an escape from the urban surroundings.
Water features heavily as still reflective pools, bringing light and reflections into the basement courtyard and separating the main south-facing terrace courtyard from the kitchen and living room of the house. Reclaimed tropical timber from marine structures is used throughout for fencing, screens and cantilevered benches. Sculptural multistemmed trees and luxuriant, textured and architectural foliage plants offset the hard lines and structure of the design and provide both shade and privacy.