Country House

First impressions count
The approach to the house was not fulfilling its potential, with the layout directing the view towards the north facade of the house, rather than the front door. The sweep of the driveway has been altered and now provides parking to the side, with a more formal arrangement of gravel and planting outside the house frontage giving a sense of arrival. A large pond forms part of the proposals, with access over and around to a garden office. The use of water and key tree planting directs the views from the house out over the wider landscape. Perennial and shrub planting around the pond provides interest and structure throughout the year, whilst the lawn has been reduced by introducing areas of wildflower, also helping the garden to harmonise with its surroundings.
We loved the design, which took into account all of our unstructured hopes and wishes and gave us a beautiful area which has settled into the rest of the garden perfectly as the seasons have turned.
PM, Horsham