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DVELAS started as a creative reaction to reuse the huge quantity of material thrown away by the sailing industry, material which is no longer suitable for sailing but which possesses excellent qualities in terms of durability and resistance.

 The models in the contemporary furniture collection reclaim the sculptural form of the sail. They are inspired by the rigging techniques, technology and craftsmanship of professional sailmakers.

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Each sail is used to produce a limited series of products, and all of them are tagged with an inscription that provides information regarding the sail’s origins: the port it comes from, the ship, the type of sail, the original manufacturer and its numbering edition.

From each selected sail DVELAS takes a limited number of pieces, these are called Limited Editions and they are a plain colour.

Some sails or parts of them have certain aesthetic qualities (marks, sailmaker logos, numbers, different colours) that make them very special. These have been exclusively selected to emphasise these characteristics and are called Unique Editions.


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